Lean Explained

What is Lean


Lean is about creating value for the customer while creating effective resources, maximising time, focusing energy and effort on the right things.

For a lean approach to work we need to:

  • Understand what’s really going on at the place where the work happens.
  • Improve the processes that create the products and services.
  • Develop skills and empower the team to own the process.
  • Problem solve at the root of the problem and coach the team to rectify issues.
  • Develop leaders and Managers to be effective, learn to remove barriers not to become one.
  • Develop an effective management system.

Lean thinking has become the most effective way to increase output and reduce the costs, it is both innovative and competitive, which in turn allows transformations to become sustainable.

Today, lean has become the effective approach to doing work, no matter what the work is, the sector or the size of the organization. In a lean organization, problems are opportunities for meaningful learning rather than errors to be swept under the rug or quickly resolved. Managers act as coaches, helping others get comfortable identifying problems and practicing daily continuous improvement.

Leadership means creating a management system to support a new kind of engagement with the real work at hand, the way the work is being done now, not the way you and your teams hope to be doing work sometime in the future. Planet Lean (and the Lean Global Network) aims to inspire people and organizations around the world to embrace lean principles and practices






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