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Lee Theobald - Vivid Housing, Portsmouth

I have been working closely with Dave over the past year as he took our company along the lean process. During this time Dave has mentored me and help us develop a tailor made working process that we use on a daily basis. By removing the unwanted waste of time throughout the day and improving the use of our resource's we now work in a more stream line manner. This allowed us to dramatically improve which was reflected in the
surpassing of targets , KPIs and work output. Along side this Dave has helped the management to become more empowered, problem solve and focussed with TWI training. I now look forward to my next step on the lean path.


Aaron Cornick - Efficient Style, Fleet

Massive help to my business. Made the most complex of tasks simple and manageable


Karen Hancock - Vivid Housing, Aldershot

Having been through the LEAN process, I have a different way of looking at things and in particular I will tackle challenges head on rather than skirting around issues. I personally benefitted enormously from my one to one coaching with Dave Skelton who helped me perfect my management style further, allowing my team to develop and flourish at the same time as feeling supported. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and the sessions have left me feeling positive and confident.


Tony Hanford - Business Consultant, Aldershot

Dave came in to work with one of my clients for the day, with the brief of helping to provide a general overview of the business, with a view to planning a phased approach to improvement & reaching the business owners goals. Dave's analitical skills & approach to extracting the information he needed were very impressive. These skills were backed up by a wealth of literature that was relevant and informative. In a short space of time we identified key points within the business that required development and how they needed to be developed, creating a phased process map of action points. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking to get an objective, yet informed opinion on the operations & procedures of their business. I believe he adds real value when it comes providing an analitical & informed opinion on business processes.


Donna Stenner - Lettings and operation manager - Vivid

I worked with the Lean Partnership on a review of the lettings service within First Wessex. Dave provided significant support and coaching to the team at the point they were embedding the new process and his dedication to assisting them through the changes was invaluable in ensuring successful results and improved performance.  It was a pleasure to work with Dave; his passion for lean thinking and development of people was evident throughout and he excelled at building strong working relationships alongside a solutions focused approach. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Dave again in the future.


Rob McFall - Asset Manager - Portsmouth

I had the pleasure of working along side Dave on a lean review overhaul / restructuring process at my time at First Wessex. My company hired Dave and his directing partner Andrew to spend a large amount of time with our organisation. They worked very hard at looking deeply into specific details of our everyday work amongst all levels of staff in various areas of the business. Dave's help, guidance and extensive knowledge of lean thinking, change management, process simplification and business risk mitigation was always evident. His direct approach was what managed to get even the most complacent of habit creatures on board with new changes. He was able to talk sense and remain steadfast in all of his ideas in order to highlight areas the business needed to cut out a large amount of unnecessary work that hindered a task more than it helped. Dave is a true believer in his product and one of the best things that drew me to the lean thinking and lean working ideas that the lean partners offer was their true passion for seeing the ideas come to life and help businesses around the south coast. You saw a real sense of pride with Dave in everything he did.




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