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It's a Jungle is a training and development company, its aim is to expose small businesses to lean and its concepts. With our experience in this field and with the high exposure Lean and continuous improvement gets from blue chip companies around the world, it is time the small businesses learnt the tricks and gained the rewards from this fantastic tool. We also offer a service to people seeking employment who require some development to increase their potential at the interview stage. Lean is a Methodology linked with techniques, used and developed by great Industrialists like Henry Ford and Toyota; it has a great pedigree for success. It is widely known that small business has been left out from the Lean growth in the past, Why? Small to Medium business owners tend to invest in other areas, like Marketing and hard ware. Lots of small business owners are now looking for a survival tool, something to give them the edge. If you are looking to improve efficiency, gain some valuable time back and increase profit, then I can almost guarantee this will work for you. We have developed the only introduction series of online workshops designed for small business owners, employees, and job seekers. We have some innovative ways to teach this subject which makes it accessible for all to enjoy and prosper


The force behind the JUNGLE…

I am a husband, father of four and grandfather to one; born in 68 I grew up on the outskirts of London in the UK. I have always had a creative side with an eye for art and design.

Starting my career as an apprentice electrician with many twists and turns over a 25 year period I worked my way to Production shift manager for a large blue-chip company. Over this time I found the passion for Training, coaching and guiding people, there success made me want more. Around 10 years ago I was introduced to a new concept called lean, this took a while to sink in but eventually I had a light bulb moment and got it and achieved great success.

I finally left work in 2012 to open my first company whilst using a lean methodology to set the structure of the company. I used this work as my final project to become a Qualified Lean practitioner, to my surprise I also won the prestigious Tim Baily award for lean excellence for this project.

After 2 years of cutting my teeth as a successful small business owner, I felt it was time to return to my passion, with my first business growing by 15% year on year and still running. I could see small business owners struggling and investing in the wrong areas to keep the business afloat and asked the questions why don't they use lean? The answer is they do not know about it.

It was then my wife heard me say I've got a great idea; this is when we created "it's a Jungle".

Learn the secrets of big business and give yourself a head start.

Dave Skelton

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